Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The FriendFeed Q & A With Outsanity

I made a post on FriendFeed asking them to post questions they would like to know about me personally. 9 people liked it but the question count was only 4.

Question 1: what is your favorited Christmas cooke. - jlt
I usually try not to discriminate against a cookie because of a holiday. All cookies are my favorite... Well, except fat/sugar free.

Question 2: biggest love of your life and what made it so. - .·*♥pea♥*·.
Somehow, I suck at love but, the biggest was my last ex who i now can't stand. Met her on MySpace (shocking, I know) and started talking to her. Met face to face and we hit it off. As of now, I just gave up on love.

Question 3: OK I'll bite. Whats your favorite Star Trek Character? - Chris W
Captain James T. Kirk. The "T" stands for "T.J. Hooker"

Question 4: how many cigarettes do you smoke daily? - Cee Bee
Sadly, I now smoke a pack a day. I used to smoke a pack a month.

One person I was shocked that didn't ask an assload of questions was Monique but, she's sick so she'll get a pass this one time.
*does his evil sinister look*

I'm kidding, Mo :D

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