Thursday, August 12, 2010

New @TweetDeck. What's New?

Yes, there's a new TweetDeck called the "User stream preview". Came out only a couple of days ago but you'd think there's no difference, right? WRONG! The reason for the name is because what they did is made it so the All Friends column updates just as on Twitter. I have to admit that I like this new way to get my Tweets. I barely had to hit the reload button other than for DM's. Oh, if only TweetDeck could had done that from the start.
Oh, the shock don't stop there. Just today, I posted a link and someone favored it. Why am I bringing that up? Well, because that seems to be a new feature too. When someone marks a tweet by you as a favorite, it will show up in your Mentions column. As far as I know, that's all of the new things i spotted in this version.
FYI: If you didn't know, if you enter a YouTube or Flickr link, it will give you the YouTube/Flickr custom short URL rather than the short URL service you have it set to use.

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