Saturday, May 31, 2008

Inuyasha Question

Ok, I'll assume people know about Inuyasha so, I'll ask my question.

Kagome can travel from the present to the past via a well.
With all the talk on tv shows about doing anything in the past can alter the future, why is it that in the very first episode, nothing in the future (Kagome's present time) wasn't altered as soon as she landed in the past? I would think her school outfit would be a prime factor.

Eh... I still like the show, tho.

Does Playing Video Games Count As A Date These Days?

I'd like to think so seeing games these days are more involved than... an actual movie.
Of course, adding alcohol will enhance the date more.

So, I vote yes.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Zooomr vs. Flickr: Who's Better To You?

I assume everyone knows about Flickr and how it works so, I'll skip to the meaty chunk, ok?

So, I signed up for another online photo community site called Zooomr (yes, three O's). Now, i never heard of this site until i noticed Thomas Hawk had uploaded some photos. As usual, I joined it just to see what's doing.

If you're used to Flickr, then you'll quickly adapt to Zooomr.
It's the same method: upload photos and share them. The do have PRO accounts but compared to Flickr, I like it. Why?

Check-out some of these great Pro-Only features:

* Zipline Complete: Is page 1 just not enough? Zipline Complete gives you the ability to view all of your friend's Zipline messages.
* Social Stream: Find tons of up-to-date social information from your Photos and Social Circle, all at-a-glance!
* Discover Pro: Want better exposure for your photos, Discover Pro shows the world photos from our Pro Users
* Better Support: While we help everyone as best we can, being a Pro will escalate your issues to the top of our lists.
* Ad-Free Layout: View Zooomr without the advertisements!

Most of the stuff listed here I don't really mind but, you're telling me I don't have to pay for "Unlimited Photo Storage" and "Unlimited Sets/Collections"?
Already, I may switch to Zooomr for my photos.

OH! and Zoomer actually detects my Sony Handycam whereas Flickr only detects my Cybershot.

Sorry Flickr but... Zooomer is my new favorite.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Computerless 2008 - Day 1

I'm going to post my days living without my pc untill I:
A. win that HP Dragon contest.
B. get a kind donation of a PC from someone.
C. go mad.

After beating the dead machine with my old Sketcher shoe, which I can still wear, I ate and sat around.
I rode my bike for a little. How fucking sad is that?

Monday, May 19, 2008

What Yahoo Is Implying Is...

Either Ashlee Simpson is marrying a horse
her face is so horsefaced that she now humps them.
Move over Sara Jessica Parker.

A Question To Anyone Who Can Make Programs

Would it be hard to make an emulator that can play all the classic system roms in one file rather than downloading millions of emulators?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Free E-book

Free Photoshop e-Book (PDF) from -

Sunday, May 11, 2008

SP3 Minor Fuck Up

So, SP3 for Windows XP came out last week. I must say, the pc I'm on does seem to be a little faster. Keyword: little. Oh! Well, there is this one tiny fuck up that I noticed.
Look at the image below:

If you can't see, on Yahoo Messenger, I use Arial Black, regular, size 10. For some damn reason, it displays it in italic or bold-italic. I thought I was the only one with this problem untill i Googled "arial black in sp3" and saw the first item.
I'm not the only one! I demand some answers, damn it!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cloverfield Question

Question: in Cloverfield, when Rob, Beth, and Hud got on the chopper and took off, the one object that crashed... was that Lily's chopper?

Friday, May 9, 2008

A "WTF Moment"

Warren Buffett is on All My Children?

This Can't Be Right...

Ok, I posted some videos within the hour and i would say this is weird and impossible.
The video called "Raining" already hit almost 300 views (287 to be exact). Maybe I'm missing something but... what made it get that many views?

Note To Self

Flava Flav is like the retarded kid that does stupid shit but, you know it's wrong to laugh but you can't help to laugh.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Splash Attack

I could watch this all day... And, I had at one time.

Note To Self

If I can just win that HP HDX Pavilion, I think things may look a bit better. Or I may sink deeper in my own doom.

Which is normally typical for me.

Twitter Vs. Pownce

Everyone is on the new iCrack that is called Twitter. I assume people use Pownce. So, what is the difference in the two?

Twitter is described as a "micro-blog", status update, and a social network. Think of as a MySpace/Facebook minus all the crap.
Pownce is almost the same except you get options to upload files, post an image, and share an event on their calendar. Both sites are free except (I saw that coming), Pownce has a pro account feature. As far as I can tell, Pownce's pro account only lets you customize your page with CSS. Are they serious?

My judgement: Twitter wins this one. Fuck a "pro" account to just use CSS.

SmugMug Vs. Flickr

I'm going to make this kind of short.

I'm a Flickr user. I was told in the chatroom at by someone (i forgot the name since it happened yesterday) that SmugMug is actually better than Flickr.

Let me say that I'm sure SmugMug is mighty fine from what I saw but, I will admit I didn't like that you can't get a free account. Oh, they offer you one... for a trial for 14 days and then (this is the hook) YOU HAVE TO PAY!
Flickr does have a "pro" account that you pay but at least they give you a free account.

My judgement: Flickr wins this battle. That is, unless you want to say otherwise.

Google AdSense Needs To Watch This

YouTube - Problem With Google Adsense

They really need to change the rules for cashing out, I think.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Check out my Flickr page already and tell me what you think.
My example.Sears Tower

Virus Scanners: Online Or Onsite?

So, here's what is on my mind, the one person who's "reading" this.
We spend good money on good antivirus programs like McAfee, Nortons, and NOD32. But, we all know one program don't really cut it. If you didn't know that, shame on you, meatheat. What I meant by that is that, depending on what program you use, it might not catch most viruses. Usually, and you can do this, you can add the free version of AVG and install it. Think of it as like a backup. AVG will catch some viruses that the paid protection may actually miss.

You may or may not know but, there are free online scanners that you can actually use as well. Quick math: the program you pay for + the free AVG + the online scanners = 3 and over virus scanners. So, just how easy is it? Well, most of them will require you to use Internet Explorer (IE) but, all you have to do is install some ActiveX and that's it. Best thing is that some will delete your infected files while others will list off what and where infections so you can manually remove them...
or at least try to.

Angry At Google Adsense

I was supposed to made this post yesterday but got sidetracker... or lazy. Whichever you want to say.
So, here's my issue with Google Adsense. It seems small but I demand some kind of change about this.

I have $32.49 in my total earnings. But, I can't collect it because Google says i have to make $50-$100 and over in a month to cash it. That's fine and dandy if I was doing like a social network site or something related but for a simple personal website/blog, I should be able to cash out whatever amount. If I remember, AdBrite lets you take out any amount. Even if it's just 5 bucks, you can't cash it out.

So, my next step is to try to find some form of a number or email to maybe someone who works in Google. An actual insider; not some customer service email bot. I mean, Google needs to change it so that if you're providing a service such as a social network, online product, and whatever could make you seem like an iBusinessperson (yeah, I just made that up) that you can cash out if you make $50 to $100 and up but for people why are just putting ads on their personal site/blog, take out whatever amount you want.

That's basically my rant about Adsense. Good service but they do need to make a change to the payment method.

You Are A Pirate

I read on Digg's Gaming News section that's related to that new wonder called "piracy". — Crytek's CEO gave an interview where he stated that Crytek can no longer afford to be PC exclusive. Crysis and UT3 reported similar levels of piracy - according to Mark Rein, Epic experienced 40 million registration attempts with illegal UT3 keys. Its easy to see that those two companies lost more revenue than AMD or Nvidia's achieve in a quarter.
First off, it is kind of bad that piracy/file sharing/torrents actually caused a company suffer a loss that bad. The problem, to me, is that digital bootlegging is around due to some many things costing so much and might be, something we later on find out, crap to have. Don't take what I say as me speaking for every user of file sharing. Everyone knows that if given the choice to pay the high price for Photoshop or to download a working cracked version or a serial keygen, you'll say "pay" but your action will be "download it".

Let me ask this: you know the games you can play from Yahoo, Big Fish Games and Reflexive Arcade? So, who would pay 20 bucks a game for games that you might get bored of before a full week will pass? Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for editing software that you'll only use for personal small projects?
I said this many times but, file sharing is no diffrent than someone buying the serial and sharing it with you. It's like saying the government will arrest you for borrowing eggs from your neighbors or your parent's car.

So, what's the real answer to file sharing? The answer is: leave it alone.
Don't try to punish people for getting their programs, games, music, ect. the way they want to.

I could go on about this but, LOST will be on in like an hour. Plus, I didn't really want to dwell on this topic too long.

I Want To See This

NIИ (Nine Inch Nails) is doing a tour to, I assume, promote their new album.. I mean, halo called "Ghosts I-IV" For me, this is where they'll be at:

8/3/08 Chicago, IL [Grant Park - Lollapalooza Festival]
On Sale: NOW
I don't care how, I know I have to see NIN at least once in my life.
Legally, of course.