Friday, October 31, 2008

Can We Give Celebrities Their Space?

In all honesty, I wish all these news sites would leave a celebrity alone if someone in their family died. After all, they are still regular people. I would say national and local news could have the right but E.T. and shows like that shouldn't. I just find it horrible.

That am all.

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Happy Halloween

Ah, Halloween. The only time where you can bum for food from others just for wearing a costume. Add getting egged and T.P.'d if you're living in a suburb. What I'd like to know is why can this, minus the eggs and T.P., rollover on other holidays? Like on Thanksgiving, dress up like Indians and Pilgrims, go to a house, yell "Happy Thanksgiving" with a dinner plate out and get some side dishes or something.

You know that would be fun.

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Should Apple Drop Prices?

I asked this question on a while ago.

"I'm curious to know what your thoughts are on this.

Do you think Apple should drop their prices (at least for a little while) due to what's happening with our economy until it can somewhat pick up?
You can click here and see some replies.
So, what's your thoughts on the question at hand?

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Mac App Deleters

I just saw an entry on FriendFeed in the "Apps" Room about a Mac app uninstaller/deleter called AppDelete. Now, it's about 5 bucks which is ok but, this is not why I'm posting this. The reason I'm posting this is the fact that any of these app removers you have to pay for. Yeah, the developer needs some quick cash but, come on. That's a bit fucked up in my mind. Paying money for apps then you have to pay to remove them.

I don't get it either, Akhmad.
As far as I know, and that's not far, I don't even think there's a free app remover that will actually do the work of a shareware one. Of course, I'm assuming. I'll have to Google for one.

I should make an app called "Just Donate Money To Me" but then I'll still be broke.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is Bravo For Retards?

The Bravo network may put on somewhat entertaining competition shows but, I'm worried about the other shows.

I'm sorry but, why should I give a flying Mexican nun about the lives of rich and spoiled wives or some gay house designer with OCD? I would really like Bravo to explain why I should watch these shows. None of the original reality shows they have are even good enough to be under shitty.

By the way, if you are a flying Mexican nun, don't get your habit in a bunch. I have nothing against flying Mexican nuns.
So far...

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Big Ass Ads

I don't like big ads on websites. What started this rant? This...

Bad enough it's big and in the way but, the fucker is ANIMATED too.
Attention websites: Just don't do it anymore, ok?

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MTV Music - Hit Or Miss?

So, I see Mtv opened up a site called My question is did Mtv remembered they used to play music videos?

Yeah. Remember when Mtv played music videos? That was like in... 1957 I think. Anyways, I just glanced at it and here's my Impression of it.
It looks like Mtv's answer to YouTube or a scapegoat to actually play music videos but just not on the station. Yea, there's Mtv2 but... come on. Who's really watching that station?

I'm not saying I hate it. Not yet, anyways.
I just see this as useful as... Putting Vista on a Mac. Yeah, I went there. it's about as useful as American Dad on FOX.
I guess I gotten used to using YouTube to find music videos but, I can see this being useful if they have all music vids, classics and new.

Any thoughts on the site?

P.S. - I rather they make a site for all them shitty shows and go back to playing music vids.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

I Have A Question For Hulu

How is it you can show new episodes of Sons of Anarchy but nothing from The Shield?

I find your bullshit to be... Well, bullshit. You saying The Shield is not worth putting on Hulu? I demand an answer or take down ALL FX programs that you have up.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh, Hello Blog

I know I haven't been blogging as of late. I blame McCain for that. Anyways, I thought I'd share a few screenshots of comments I got on YouTube.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dear Adobe

You guys suck sweaty koala ass. here I thought Flash 10 would be better until I got this error.

And this on when I want to upload a photo.

The question at hand is: Who's at fault - Adobe or the sites for not updating for Flash 10?
Either way, someone is an asshole and needs to be hung upside down by the hair on their taint.

Your, pal, Outsanity.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

As Of This Post...

I accidentally cut my left hand with my box cutter.

I popped an upcoming pimple on my right ear.
I'm regretting having to do an eight hour shift for the third time today.
I'm somewhat still woke.
I'm getting kinda depressed again.
I'm eating a cold hard boiled egg.
I'm horny >_<

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My Learning Of The Mac

Ok, I admit I'm still loving this iMac but... I love just how easily you install shit on here. It's like "drag-drop-done".

I'm upset that all these torrent folks don't have any copy of CS3 or CS4 for the Mac. I uploaded my unboxing vids to YouTube but, I had to edit them in iMovie. Took a while to figure that program out but, it encoded my vids faster than After Effects. You hear that Adobe? That's FUCKED UP! I like the Spaces but the keyboard and shourtcuts I have to get used to being a Windows user.

I could go on but, why bother?

I like the look of the new MacBooks. They oh so fit the sleek design of something such as the iMac. I wonder if they plan to redesign the MacMini...

I bought the spoon/fork combo utensil  from LightMyFire on Amazon. Best damn thing ever.
I also got my free Pepsi beach blanket. Yet, I have no use for it. Maybe I'll cover the iMac with it.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

This is asite I think most people would love to use who hates having the tracktheir packages via FedEd, USP, USPS and DHL and having to C n' P thatlon tracking code. How does it works? Simple. All you need is is aTwitter account.
Next, you follow and send @trackthis a DM with yourpackage tracking number and a description of the package. Your DMshould look like this: 123456789123 New PC. After that, you'll getupdates sent to you on Twitter about where your package is until it'sdelivered.

If you don't like my explanation, you can go to their site.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

So, O.J. Is Guilty

Funny...O.J. Simpson got away with murder yet, goes to jail for stealing.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Call Starbucks "Douchebucks"

One day,I'll walk in there to see what the fancy big deal is. Note that I neverstepped in a Douchebucks as long as they been open. So, why do I callthem Douchebucks?
WARNING! -- If you plan to get offended byme bad mouthing your 10 dollar a cup coffee shop, then you betterkindly fuck off and suck it up.
Well, to me, everyone in there seems to always be in there almostlooking like they are important when they are really looking at hent,sipping high price coffee, and just being there. These are the samedouchecocks you may have seen just being regular douches but now theyare coffee douches.

Damn assnutters.

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Why I Hate Pennies

I hatePennies due to making your pocket change uneven at times.

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iMac Or MacBook?

I'm goingto get me a Mac finally BUT, my key issues is should I stick with theiMac or should I get the MacBook instead?
Granted that I'll be using it (either Macs) more on the photo/videoediting side but, I wouldn't mind being portable with the MacBook.Problem is, I know I won't be going anywhere with the MB. I sure ashell not going to be sitting in Starbucks looking like a douche. Iwould take it with me if I ever visit my dad at times. Then again, I'dhave to have to carry a mouse  and my Wacom with me all the time.
So, I guess I should stick with the iMac, eh?

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