Thursday, July 23, 2009

The YouTube Of Twitter

Not since TweetTube have I ever liked a video service that uses Twitter. That changed just this morning. I stumbled upon two sites. Now don't get confused because they have the same name but different domains. One is and the other is I did a YouTube video on them both and gave my views on them.
What I want to do is quickly give you the pros/cons of both sites.

Pro: They allow you to send a video message to people or to just post something on Twitter.
Con: The fact the domain is almost the same.
Con: They basically do the same thing.
Pro: .io let's you send a video as a DM (Direct Message) and does not show up in your video list.
Pro: .com lets you send your video to Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.
Pro: .com actually has a chatroom powered by Meebo for each video page.
Pro: .com has an iPhone app for all you 3G S users.

I just wanted to make this little list. I'm sure I am missing some more but you can always check them both out yourself

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