Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tweet And We'll Sue You

I heard about this but I didn't think this was real. I won't go into details but, I will post a link to the article on the Chicago SunTimes website.

So, here lies my issue. Why can a company just up and sue someone over an opinion posted on the internet? Do they think that one person's internet thought will crumble their company? So what if she puts down the building? People put down a lot of things on the internet and they never get sued. Now, I can understand if she is constantly slandering the building manager which could strike a lawsuit. You mean one tiny comment, that not many people would even notice or read, is worth all this? Talk about more internet censorship. To make the owner of the building look more like a douche-ass he even said:

We’re a sue first, ask questions later kind of an organization.

Sue first? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Waste money on lawyers before asking about anything. They even are asking for $50,000 in "damages". What damages? Horizon Realty Group are just retards. Words don't damage physical things. Well, unless you throw a dictionary at something. Anyways, here's how I see the outcome - Horizon Realty Group will lose this case. HANDS DOWN!

(This blog post has been seized by Horizon Realty Group)

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