Friday, July 17, 2009

Google Voice Is Awesome

Everyone knows about Google Voice about now but only few are invited (provided you signed up to be invited). Mines came some days ago but I just activated it today. This could be the MagicJack of Google so to say. You can make calls, get voicemails, you can even send text messages from there. The simple process is basically picking your number. You can go by area code or your zip code. The way you pick a number is by word, letters, numbers, or leave the area blank for a list of numbers. I was trying to make mines all words but that was a fail. The funny thing was I could of had "442-cunt" but I can just say that in my normal verbal talk. You'll need to connect your GV number to another phone number like your home or cell. More likely, as I see it,  people with the G1 will be more of the target users. The main usage of Google Voice, for me, is the text messaging. To end this review, here's part of a text message I had with someone.

Yup, my first break up via text on Google Voice. You can't top that! :D

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