Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Learning Of The Mac

Ok, I admit I'm still loving this iMac but... I love just how easily you install shit on here. It's like "drag-drop-done".

I'm upset that all these torrent folks don't have any copy of CS3 or CS4 for the Mac. I uploaded my unboxing vids to YouTube but, I had to edit them in iMovie. Took a while to figure that program out but, it encoded my vids faster than After Effects. You hear that Adobe? That's FUCKED UP! I like the Spaces but the keyboard and shourtcuts I have to get used to being a Windows user.

I could go on but, why bother?

I like the look of the new MacBooks. They oh so fit the sleek design of something such as the iMac. I wonder if they plan to redesign the MacMini...

I bought the spoon/fork combo utensil  from LightMyFire on Amazon. Best damn thing ever.
I also got my free Pepsi beach blanket. Yet, I have no use for it. Maybe I'll cover the iMac with it.

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