Friday, October 31, 2008

Mac App Deleters

I just saw an entry on FriendFeed in the "Apps" Room about a Mac app uninstaller/deleter called AppDelete. Now, it's about 5 bucks which is ok but, this is not why I'm posting this. The reason I'm posting this is the fact that any of these app removers you have to pay for. Yeah, the developer needs some quick cash but, come on. That's a bit fucked up in my mind. Paying money for apps then you have to pay to remove them.

I don't get it either, Akhmad.
As far as I know, and that's not far, I don't even think there's a free app remover that will actually do the work of a shareware one. Of course, I'm assuming. I'll have to Google for one.

I should make an app called "Just Donate Money To Me" but then I'll still be broke.

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