Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MTV Music - Hit Or Miss?

So, I see Mtv opened up a site called mtvmusic.com. My question is did Mtv remembered they used to play music videos?

Yeah. Remember when Mtv played music videos? That was like in... 1957 I think. Anyways, I just glanced at it and here's my Impression of it.
It looks like Mtv's answer to YouTube or a scapegoat to actually play music videos but just not on the station. Yea, there's Mtv2 but... come on. Who's really watching that station?

I'm not saying I hate it. Not yet, anyways.
I just see this as useful as... Putting Vista on a Mac. Yeah, I went there. it's about as useful as American Dad on FOX.
I guess I gotten used to using YouTube to find music videos but, I can see this being useful if they have all music vids, classics and new.

Any thoughts on the site?

P.S. - I rather they make a site for all them shitty shows and go back to playing music vids.

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