Saturday, September 12, 2009

@officialTila vs. @ShawneMerriman: Do We Really Need This Bullshit On Twitter?

Yeah. So, looks like now Tila Tequila (@officialTila) and Shawne Merriman (@ShawneMerriman) are using Twitter to basically trash talk each other while using their own hashtags, Tila's #Justice4Tila and Shawne's #lightsOut, to make this story even more known to people who don't give a fuck. If you are one of the people who do give a fuck, then may God be with you and your retardation.
Last I remember, it was 9/11. Well, yesterday of this post it was. So, rather than posting anything else Twitter has to be flooded with bad mouthing. What makes it worse is the sheeple who follow them and help spam this drama. It's just so God damn stupid to me. it's one thing to follow a celeb but, don't promote their drama. That's what TMZ and Perez Hilton are for.
As for me, I tend to just ignore it or just laugh. Why laugh? Well, hitting a woman or anyone is a serious issue but to carry it out like these two are making themselves into a big ass joke.

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