Sunday, September 20, 2009

Are Smokers Better Off Buying Packs/Cartons Or Rolling Their Own?

So, as a smoker, I'm posting this to say that I have been rolling my own smokes thanks to a cigarette rolling "machine" I got for $15 (I got a discount of $12 because I guess I'm just that damn adorable). I admit sometimes I'll be lazy and buy a pack. My post is for my fellow Smoker-Americans out there that you would be better off rolling instead of buying a pack. Personally, I'd rather pay 3 something bucks for the tobacco and the 40 papers that come with it then almost 10 bucks (Well, here in Chicago anyways) for a pack of 20. But, you may spend up to 10 bucks for 3 tobacco packs while you still have papers left over just to finish off all of the first 40 papers. Well... You'll have papers left over.

My judgement: Roll your own.

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