Friday, December 19, 2008

Mac App: Shadow

I saw this link on FriendFeed in the "Apps" Room for an app called Shadow. From what I see, I'd a clipboard manager program. I LOVES clipboard managers. Better than using a text file at times. Unlike the free Windows program called ClipDiary, which I recommend any Windows user to get, there's no database where you can store a vast amount of your iClippings. You can set a limit instead. Depending on your heavy usage of the right-click n copy you may want to set it to 99,999 or higher.

The design is not bad. it's almost too slick to believe. Ok, that wasn't sensible, but I just had to say that to kill some time.
Another neat feature is the right-click context menu. If you clipped a URL of a website, it can convert it into a TinyURL.

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