Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Short "Review" Of Sonic 4, Episode 1

I have to say that I haven't beaten the game but, I guess I can still post a thought about it anyways.
Let me start off by saying this quick gamer logic epiphany I had some days ago. How is this Sonic 4 when it's really Sonic 5? Are people overlooking Sonic & Knuckles? I mean, it did come after Sonic 3 continuing off the storyline, if you want to call it that. But, I guess because they don't officially label it as the 4th, it's not the 4th. Meh.

The main question is: Is it worth the money?
Most of... Well, everything is like a rehashed, HD remixed version of the originals. You don't have to be a Sonic fanboy/girl to know what levels they are based on. Some levels you have to almost figure out some kind of puzzle that you'll end up Googling a solution for. A good example is in Lost Labyrinth Zone 2. I would say what it is but... Spoil, I shall not do. The special stage I have stated are a bitch to do unless your controller power level is over some ridiculous high number. Way different than in Sonic 1 because you control the board, you have to collect a set number of rings to unlock the little ring gate, and it's timed (video). The controls are a little tricky (at least for me on the PS3). Meaning the homing attack seemed like it would sometimes work on time and sometimes it would be off a bit.

So, is it worth the money? Ummm... Yeah. Only because most of these new Sonic games are either shitty or just bad ideas from the start like Sonic and the Secret Ring and Sonic and the Black Knight. Sonic Unleashed has it's moments but the Wii version = shitty.
Anyways, that's my input. You may say different, you may say the same, or you may say the same differently... Lolwut?

Comments, yeah?

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