Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Personal Review Of The New Macs

So, on October 10th, 2009, Apple came out with brand spanking new Macs. They made updates to the iMacs, Mac Mini, MacBook, the mouse and remote. Here's my impressions of what I seen on the Apple website.

The new iMacs: I must say, I'm rather impressed by the new design. I love that it has 4 USB ports and now an SD card slot just below the SuperDrive. They now come in 21.5 and 27 inches for a bigger display for watching your HD content. Sadly, no Blu-Ray but if it was added, it would really make the new iMac worth playing movies on it. I don't think I care much for a 27 inch screen or the fact it now has a LED-backlit display. Sounds like a pain in the ass should it ever go out. 21.5 inches should be no bigger than a 20 inch iMac like the one I got. If I had the money, I would get one tricked out but just the 21.5" one. 27" is just too much for myself.

The Mac Mini: Still the same price with more memory and a quicker processor. The new thing is a "special version" of the Mac Mini with Snow Leopard Server installed. Now, a Mac Mini would be perfect for the person who wants a Mac but can't afford the higher priced models. Now, if this is as powerful as they say, you could just make it your Windows machine via BootCamp if you already have a Mac. I would do that since I already have my iMac.

The new MacBook: Pretty much it's the all white MacBook but with a new unibody design. It has more rounded corners, which look better than the older model. The built in 7 hour battery is a slight turn off for me. If I were to have one to use, I don't want to waste the battery if I'm in a stable place. I would use the power cord but the battery is built in so that means that I'm stuck to either risk killing my battery's life via the power cord or just using the battery as the main source. I can tell you now that most of my battery ran electronics tend to never be the best after a short while for some reason. Like the new iMac it has the LED-backlit display and now has the multi-touch trackpad. My only tiny issue is why not offer black again? Or, why not make the body the same as the MacBook Pros? By the way... Do anyone still use ethernet adaptors? They could had put maybe an SD card slit there or something. But, that's me and my thinking.

Magic Mouse and the new Apple Remote: Here are the final two that I have to be honest and say that I hate. I know I haven't touched either one but something about them throws me off to hate them. First, the Magic Mouse. it's wireless and comes standard with all new Macs but I think this mouse is the worse next to the Mighty Mouse itself. Looks like it's way too much work just to click and scroll. I'm used to the physical actions of a 2 button mouse and a scroll wheel. The new Apple Remote... Just ugly. I commend them for making it look like a scroll wheel iPod Nano but I'm sure you have to press buttons. I will say that if the wheel pard was an actual scroll wheel to control the volume or something, I would be impressed. The mouse cost about 70 bucks while the remote goes for around 20. The remote shouldn't even cost that much and as for the Magic Mouse, you could save that money and just get a Wacom Bamboo Touch.

So far, that's my honest thoughts of the new mac stuff. If you agree or disagree, feel free to post a comment below.

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