Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is It Possible To Use These New Social Networking Sites As A New Form Of iSpeedDating?

Most of us seem to know about these professional dating sites like and... Well, whatever the other one is called. The short point is that people used said sites to seek out someone that is similar to them or have similar interests. If I know one thing about most people is that they are, as Bob Barker says, "El Cheapo". Not alot of people will shell out an assload of cash to make a long profile that may not even get them an email reply. So, what does one do now?
Ah, good ol' MySpace and Facebook. Most people would laugh at the idea of "hooking up" with someone on MySpace/Facebook. Most of the people in that small group more likely have done it. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it fails. Sadly, now these sites are used to find a quick fuck for the night or week. The question is now: Where do I go to find a mate?
Twitter is one hell of a place. Is it possible to use it as a microblogging AND microdating site? Let me think about this...


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