Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Hate Being Poor

My oldjob, I would make around $200+ bucks a week only because I had morehours and days. Now, I only make $100+ a week if I'm lucky. I need toask for more hours or get a second job. It's not easy to live off 100bucks a week when it could be gone within 3 days. I have to eat, youknow.

As of now, I found out I'm in the hole by 300 bucks. Now, I have toclose my bank account because the fuckers actually charge like 35 bucksa day and shit. I HAVE to close it because, again, 100 bucks will notcut it to pay that off. Plus, that money, if I get more hours, would bemore useful in my life. Like, my goal is to get an iMac just for myediting since this Gateway sucks.

It would be a bit helpful if people would also help by clicking ads. Imean, that's about as close to giving me a donation without giving anymoney. Anyways... I doubt anyone will read this so, blah.

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